Feenics is an Access Control as a Service company that develops Keep. The Arcules plugin for Keep allows users to be able to view live and recorded Arcules videos within Keep.

Current version of the Windows Client is 22.6.1, the Windows application is updated on a monthly basis by Feenics. There is no integration into the Feenics Web Client.

Note: To install the plug-in, you must have the IT Manager role to view it in the download apps page

How To

  1. Download the plugin by going to the Download Apps page

  2. Run the installer on the computer with Keep installed

  3. Once successfully installed, launch the application and login

  4. Go to the "Video Management" tab and click "Cameras"

  5. Click on "Add Cameras" and select "Arcules"

  6. Enter your Arcules credentials and click "Login" to display the available cameras. Click to check all the cameras you'd like to add and click "OK"

  7. Once added, review the list of cameras and click "Save & Close"
    Note: You will only be allowed to add as many cameras as your license permits

  8. You should see all of the cameras on the Arcules list. Select a camera and select "Launch Player

  9. The video player should popup and begin streaming live video

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