There is a required BIOS update if your Arcules M Series Gateway is an OptiPlex 3080 and running BIOS version less than 1.3.2. Follow the steps below to update your Arcules Gateway.

What you will need:

  • A monitor with HDMI or DisplayPort cable, keyboard, and mouse to follow on-screen prompts

  • USB drive to transfer the BIOS update file


  1. On a separate computer, download the following zip file:

  2. Unzip the downloaded file

  3. Copy the unzipped file "OptiPlex_3080_2.0.2" to a USB drive. (It does not need a bootable USB drive.)


  1. Connect a monitor to your Arcules Gateway using an HDMI or Display Port cable and confirm the Arcules Gateway displays something similar to this:

  2. Press and hold the power button until you no longer see a light on the power button or you lose the signal on the display

  3. Insert the USB drive with the BIOS file into any USB port.

  4. Immediately after pressing the power button, repeatedly press the F12 key until you arrive at the the one-time boot menu.

  5. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, select "BIOS Flash Update" in the Other Options section and hit Enter.

  6. Click the "..." button to browse the USB drive to locate the downloaded file.

  7. Select the file and click "OK".

  8. Verify the existing system BIOS information and the BIOS update information.
    Then click "Begin Flash Update"

  9. Review the warning message and click "Yes" to proceed with the update.

  10. The system will restart and display a "Flash Progress" bar at the Dell logo screen.
    Do not power down the machine during the update process.

  11. The update will take several minutes to complete. When finished, the system will restart again and go back to the normal operation screen.

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