Supported Bosch Analytics in Arcules

  • People Counter

Bosch People Counter

Counts and reports the number of people entering and leaving a specific area. Trigger an alarm and/or notification based on counter values set.

What is needed from Bosch

  • A Flexidome Camera: 3000i, 4000i, 5000i, 7000MP, 8000i


  • Microsoft Windows

  • Access to Bosch Configuration Manager

  • Access to the Bosch camera you intend to use

  • Firmware version 7.61 or later

How to Install

See the Bosch Counting Technical Note for best practices on set up.

Before you Begin

  1. Install Configuration Manager (you will need to set a password)

  2. Add the device to Configuration Manager

  3. Log in to the camera and update the default password/create password

Step 1: Configure the line crossing analytics directly in Bosch Configuration Manager

Analytics Configuration Steps (In, Out)

Note: Before you begin, please note that your task name must begin with the words "in" or "out" (e.g. "in lobby door" or "out lobby door") otherwise the line crossing analytics cannot be used to calculate occupancy total.

  1. Navigate to the VCA tab in Configuration Manager

  2. Inside of sub tab Main Profile, validate that the Analysis Type is set to Intelligent Video Analytics (if your camera model is a 3000-5000 set it to Essential Video Analytics)

  3. Click + inside of sub tab Tasks to add a new task

  4. Select Counter, enter Task name of In and click Next >

  5. Add a new line and adjust the line positioning to your environment, then click Next >

  6. In the Debounce time box enter 0.1

  7. In the Direction list select Forward

  8. Click Next

  9. Check to make sure you see a counter visually on the video feed of In: # to validate this task operation was a success

  10. Repeat steps 3-8 with Task name of Out and Direction set to Backwards

  11. Check to make sure you see a counter visually on the video feed of Out: # to validate this task operation was a success

Here's an example of what it should look like once your analytics are set up in the Bosch Configuration Manager:

Step 2: Add the Bosch camera in Arcules and enable Camera Analytics

Refer to this guide for step by step instructions on adding a camera

Once the camera is added, click on the device and navigate to the ANALYTICS tab. Then, click + ADD ANALYTIC.

Select Bosch VCA and click ADD.

Once this operation is complete you will see the line crossing analytics you configured in the camera webpage reflected in the Camera Analytics section.

Step 3: Set up Rules for handling alarms

Click the link button to set up a Rule for any people counter analytic.

Fill in the appropriate details for your rule and define who should receive the notification when an event triggers for the alarm. You can learn more about Rules in our Rules Article.

(Optional) Configure Occupancy Analytics to calculate occupancy totals

Refer to this guide for step by step instructions to calculate occupancy totals from one or multiple supported cameras

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