Supported Mobotix Analytics in Arcules

  • Thermal Radiometry

Mobotix Thermal Radiometry

Detect thermal radiation from an object or body to measure relative surface temperature and sends an alarm if an object or body hits the target alarm threshold. The alarm is used by Arcules to record video and alert security staff.

In addition, visualization of real-time thermal alarm status is available from the Views page within Arcules.

What is needed from Mobotix

  • M16-TR Camera


  • Chrome browser

  • Access to Mobotix camera webpage

  • Access to the Mobotix camera you intend to use

  • Firmware MX-V5.2.6.2 or higher

How to Install

See the Mobotix Thermal Configuration Guide for best practices and to understand primary factors that may affect thermal accuracy prior to deployment.

Before you Begin

Access the camera and create a password (DO NOT forget your password. In order to recover a device, you will have to ship it back to the manufacturer).

Step 1: Configure the thermal alarms directly in the camera webpage

This example is set to trigger every time the temperature is > 100 Fahrenheit

  1. Click Setup Menu

  2. Click Event Overview

  3. Click Edit in the section Environment Events

  4. Click Add New

  5. Set a Name (This will be the event name)

  6. Set Event Sensor Type to Thermal Radiometry

  7. Set the rectangle the measurement area. Format should be: image sensor, horizontal position, vertical position, width, height

  8. Enter the additional settings:
    Measurement Mode: Absolute Temperature
    Trigger Mode: One Pixel
    Alarm Type: Thermal Level
    Temperature Unit: F
    Thermal Level: 100
    Comparison: Higher Than
    Action Type: Every

  9. Click Set

  10. Click Close

  11. Click Ok

Step 2: Add the camera in Arcules and enable Camera Analytics

Refer to this guide for step by step instructions on adding a camera

Once the camera is added, click on the device and navigate to the ANALYTICS tab. Then, click + ADD ANALYTIC.

Once this operation is complete you will see the thermal alarms you configured in the camera webpage reflected in the Camera Analytics section.

Step 3: Set up Rules for handling thermal alarms

Click the link button to set up a Rule for a thermal alarm.

Fill in the appropriate details for your rule and define who should receive the notification when an event triggers for the alarm. You can learn about Rules in our Rules Article.

Monitor Thermal Alarms

You can monitor real-time thermal alarms from the Views page by adding the Thermal Analytic graph to any View.

Note: It's important that the users or groups who are monitoring thermal alarms have the Continuous Live Viewing role assigned. This role disables the auto-logout function, so that users with this role can stay logged in without getting timed-out.

Go to the Views page and click the plus icon +.

On the next screen, enter a name for the View and click NEXT.

Select the thermal cameras for the View, then click the ANALYTICS tab to select the desired analytics you want to display in your view, and click DONE.

You can rearrange the widgets as you wish by clicking the more icon in the upper right hand corner & selecting Rearrange.

Have questions? We're here to help! 👋 Reach out to the Arcules team through the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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