What is Arcules Edge Cloud?

Arcules Edge Cloud stores recorded video at the local edge site, reducing the amount of internet bandwidth needed. Edge sites are set up, operated and managed through the Arcules Cloud platform using the familiar Arcules web portal application.

How does Edge Cloud differ from Arcules Pure Cloud?

Storage location is the main difference. With Edge Cloud, video is stored locally on the ARC Cloud Appliance (gateway). Storing video locally reduces outbound internet usage to 10-50 Kbps per channel, so it is ideal for locations with limited internet bandwidth. With Pure Cloud, video is continuously streamed and stored to Arcules at Google Data Centers.

Can I use Edge Cloud and Pure Cloud together?

Yes. In your Arcules Management portal, you may view and manage all of your sites together, whether a site is utilizing Edge or Pure Cloud storage.

Is any data sent to the Arcules cloud?

Yes, recording and motion detection information is continuously sent to the cloud to enable the lookup of recorded video data stored on the cloud appliance gateway.

How much bandwidth does Edge Cloud use?

For continuous or motion-based recording stored locally, 10-50 Kbps of bandwidth is needed for each camera channel to send video and motion metadata to the Arcules cloud.

For live or recorded video playback on demand, the bandwidth needed depends on the bitrate for streaming video. With Edge Cloud, video will stream from the edge, to the cloud, to you.

For example, if you are viewing 1080p/12 FPS/H.264 you can expect to need approximately 2.5 Mbps per channel for both live and recorded video streaming.

Uploading evidence and uploading video to the cloud for Case Management retention will require bandwidth consistent with camera resolution and FPS settings.

Can Edge Cloud video data be protected with redundant storage?

Yes. The Arcules ARC Cloud Appliance includes options for local RAID 5 or RAID 10 data redundancy on the Cloud Appliance.

Can I archive video to the cloud?

Yes, video can be archived in cloud on demand for Evidence in Case Management.

Does Arcules motion detection work with Edge Cloud?

Yes. Motion detection is detected at the Edge and continuously sent to the Arcules cloud for rules notifications and video timeline marking.

Are cloud-based analytics available with Edge Cloud?

Cloud-based video analytics are currently not available for cameras connected to an Edge Storage gateway.

Is any of my video data stored in the cloud?

Video recording and motion start/stop time metadata is stored in the cloud. Video archival for Case Management is also stored in the cloud.

Will there be more latency in playback from the edge?

Video latency is highly dependent on the available outbound bandwidth from the network the camera is on and the inbound bandwidth the client requesting video is on.

Do you have an offline mode?

Offline viewing is only available for emergency use.

Can I view live or recorded video on my Local Area Network (LAN)?

All video playback and live view works through the Arcules cloud. There is currently no local video capabilities with Edge Cloud.

How is playback video streamed to the client?

Live and recorded video is streamed from the gateway through the cloud, on demand, when requested from an Arcules client application.

Can I receive event-based notifications?

Yes, Video Motion Detection, Camera and gateway health and supported camera-side analytics events are supported.

Can cameras connected to a gateway have both local and cloud storage?

No; gateway appliances must be set to either in cloud or edge storage mode.

Can I schedule when video is stored in the cloud?

Currently, when a gateway is in cloud mode, video is continuously uploaded to the cloud based on the camera's recording schedule. When in Edge mode, video can be achieved in the cloud on demand.

Are there any storage metrics in the Arcules portal for my gateway?

Currently, there are no storage metrics in the portal. Arcules will assist you in selecting a gateway based on the number of cameras, bitrate and retention time for your video storage needs.

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