The Arcules Video Motion Detection (VMD) is a type of video analytic that is managed on the ARC2 Gateway. In addition to triggering recording, VMD can be used to send notifications or trigger Alarms when motion is detected for a camera (from a person, vehicle or other moving object). Typically, VMD events are used in cases such as after business hours security or to be notified of movement in areas where people are not allowed.

Here are the 3 steps to setting this up

  1. Configuring motion for a camera

  2. Create a rule to receive notifications or alarms - this can be done from the rules page or you can go to Devices page, select the camera, go to the Analytics tab, and click on the rules icon.

  3. Set your delivery preferences

Below is a diagram of data flow for VMD notifications. The Arcules system detects motion on the ARC2 Gateway and sends motion based recordings and events to the cloud to be processed by the Arcules Rules Engine. The rules engine evaluates the event and sends a notification or alarm to a user(s) or user group based on the rule configuration.

Configuring motion for a camera

The first step in set-up video motion detection events is ensuring your motion settings are configured for each camera. See the Motion Settings article for help with setting up motion for your camera.

Create a rule to receive notifications or alarms

Next, create a rule to trigger a video motion detection notification. To create rule, select the "Device Type" of Video and "Analytic" of motion to tigger a notification or alarm. For more on Rules, click here

Set your delivery preferences

Finally make sure your Notifications Preferences are set to how you want to receive a notification. Navigate to your Profile and select My Account.

From your account, enable your preferred delivery methods.

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