The Camera CSV upload function can be used to bulk upload cameras, and also bulk update the IP address and/or name of cameras. Currently, the bulk function can only process one gateway per CSV upload.

Note: The upload time is dependent on the driver and/or other variables, and can range between 3 to 20 minutes for 200 cameras.


The CSV file needs to have the correct format

Template 1 - If the utilized port is set to the driver default (usually port 80), then the port can be excluded.


Template 2 - If the utilized port differs from the driver default, the port needs to be included.


Bulk Update/Change

To bulk rename cameras without removing and re-adding, type in IP Address:Port (if different from 80), username, password and the new name in a CSV file and upload it to the gateway.

Examples:,admin,password,New camera name;,admin,password,New camera name;

Notepad/Text Editor:
If the content should be formatted and  if edited in “notepad” / “texteditor” rather than a Microsoft Excel then the format would be similar to:,admin,1234,Camera Name;,admin,1234,Camera Name;

Note: If the CSV file is not in the correct format, it will cause the uploader to fail. Potential issues may include:

  • Wrong IP address.

  • Wrong ports.

  • Duplicate entries.

  • Missing semicolons at the end of an entry.

Steps to perform the Bulk Upload

  • Go to the Sites page.

  • Click on the Location.

  • Click on All Devices.

  • Click on the '+' symbol.

  • Select Add Cameras via CSV.

Next Steps:

  •  Select site, location, and gateway to which the cameras should be added to.

  •  Click on Add.

  •  Upload the CSV file.

  • Click on Add to start the upload process.

  • The status and progress of the upload will be displayed.

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