Static IP can be set on the gateway by simply connecting it to a monitor and keyboard. For security reasons our gateways come with all the USB ports locked down. In order to enable the USB port, you have to:

  1. Press the power button once, to power off the unit.

  2. Connect monitor and keyboard.

  3. Press the power button once, to power on the unit.

  4. During the boot sequence, continuously hit F12 to bring up the "boot menu".

  5. Use the arrow keys to highlight the Bios Setup option and press <Enter> .

  6. Use the arrow keys to navigate to System Configuration > USB Configuration.

  7. Press tab and arrow keys and the spacebar to Enable front/back USB ports as needed.

  8. Press tab to navigate to Exit and press <ENTER>.

  9. Select to Save the changes - this will automatically reboot the unit w/USB ports enabled.

Once back on the Status page (F1 page):

  1. Press F2 for IP Configuration to view the following screen:

2. Select Using DHCP or Static IP from the Configure IPv4 drop down menu
3. Enter IP Address
4. Enter Network CIDR
5. Enter Gateway Address
6. Enter DNS Server(s)
7. Select whether to verify the connection before applying the settings.
8. Press the Save button.

What is CIDR Notation?

CIDR notation (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) is an alternate method of representing a subnet mask. It is simply a count of the

number of network bits (bits that are set to 1) in the subnet mask. Subnet mask bits are explained in a following section.

The CIDR number is typically preceded by a slash "/" and follows the IP address. For example, an IP address of with a

subnet mask of (which has 8 network bits) would be represented as /8.

CIDR notation is more concise method for designating the subnet mask. Compared to Dotted Decimal notation, which represents

the mask as four values, each representing the decimal value of an octet of the mask, the CIDR format represents the mask as a

single value. Because of this characteristic, CIDR is a better format for display on the multi-segment display, which can display only

three characters at a time. It can be presented in one display period following the IP address.

How do I Convert between CIDR and Dotted Decimal Notation?

The easiest method is to use the following table to convert between CIDR and Dotted Decimal notation.

CIDR. Dotted Decimal

































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