Below are the internet upload/download speed recommendations per channel for uploading and watching live or Playback through Arcules.

Streaming video to the Cloud for storage (per channel)

  • 1 Mbps per second upload speed - Recommended for 720p @10 FPS

  • 2.5 Mbps per second upload speed - Recommended for 1080p @ 12 FPS

Viewing Live or Recorded video (per channel)

  • 1 Mbps per second download speed - Recommended for 720p @10 FPS

  • 2.5 Mbps per second download speed - Recommended for 1080p @ 12 FPS

Note: These recommendations are per channel. Multiply these numbers by the number of cameras that will be recording or you will be viewing at once to determine outbound/inbound bandwidth requirements.

Manage Camera Bandwidth Usage

Cameras should also be set up to only use the resolution, FPS and recording schedules that are best supported by the outbound bandwidth. If your current camera settings are consuming too much outbound bandwidth, you can change the video quality settings to use less bandwidth or upgrade your service level with your Internet Service Provider. Recording on motion only is also recommended for low bandwidth sites.

While watching live or recorded video, if you are experiencing poor video performance, it may be because you are streaming too much data. To fix the issue, try reducing the number of cameras in a “View”.

Check Your Connection Speed

Before getting started, check your connection speed at

We also have an in-built speed test that is available through Network Diagnostics tool.

Refer to the Speed Test in the settings page for more information.

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